London Borough Elections 2014

The London borough elections were held on 22 May with 1851 council seats being contested in 32 boroughs*. As of May, 28th, all results apart from five seats in Tower Hamlets have been declared.
The following map series shows the distribution of seats for each of the main parties (with smaller groups and independent candidates being shown in the map of ‘Others’). Each of the map shows a different number of total seats as stated on the individual map pages for these maps, while the following map overview compares, how the shares are distributed over the London boroughs. If you want to see the maps in large, find out more details about the total number of votes or see the detailed borough-level data, please choose your map of interest from the following list:
  Conservatives 2014 (see map of 2010 results)
  Green Party 2014 (3 seats in 2010 which are included in the 2010 map of ‘Others’ below)
  Labour 2014 (see map of 2010 results)
  Liberal Democrats 2014 (see map of 2010 results)
  Others 2014 see map of 2010 results
  UKIP 2014 (UKIP had no seats in the 2010 election)

*As stated on the London Council election website, “local elections in the City of London work differently to the rest of the capital. There are 25 wards or voting districts. Each ward elects an Alderman and between two and ten Commoners to represent them in the Court of Common Council. For Common Councilmen, elections are held every four years. The next are due in March 2017. Aldermanic elections are held as required, as Aldermen serve a term of six years.”