11 May 2014 / Housing sales in England

• Typical cost of London home set to break half million barrier this year
• Increase in whole of Yorkshire & the Humber plus NE England is £2.1bn similar to just the London boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster (£1.93 bn)
New research by Oxford academics reveals images of just how distorted both the country and the capital appears when land is shaped by the value of its residential property. View more

10 May 2014 / Welcome to Londonmapper

We’ve never had so much data. At Londonmapper we don’t aim to collect more, but to show these existing numbers in a new light. We’re building on the hugely successful Worldmapper website which produced images revealing social inequalities on a global scale. This is the first time we’re applying the same, though more advanced, techniques to a city. View more

Today I was invited to give a presentation at the quarterly #geomob meetup. In my talk I gave a short preview of the Londonmapper project. View more

What is it about London? Population growth is slowing across most of Europe – people are having fewer children and, it could be argued, steps are being taken to try to reduce social inequalities. But London is unusual. View more

London is by far the UK’s capital of the wealthiest – but how does this compare to the rest of the country? View more

09 Sep 2012 / London medal maps

Off-topic: A final roundup of London 2012 View more

16 Jul 2012 / High Speed 2

How does London connect to the rest of the country? View more

London is a special city, London is incredibly diverse and London has its own unique health problems. View more

Changing times was the title of a session at this year’s Annual Symposium of the British Cartographic Society. View more

21 May 2012 / London’s Vote 2012

The old Mayor is the new Mayor of London as Boris Johnson secured a second term in office at this month’s election in the British capital. View more

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