The EU Referendum

[h5]On June, 23rd 2016 the electorate of the United Kingdom voted to end the state’s membership of the European Union: An analysis of what contributed to this outcome.[/h5] Read More

England divided

New research shows: England is now more divided than 1980s

• 60% increase in number of poor households and 33% increase in wealthy households between 1980 and 2010
• Households in the middle are disappearing, with biggest changes in London
New analysis of Census data by the University of Oxford, funded by independent charity Trust for London, shows England has experienced significant changes in the composition of its households during the three decades running from 1980-2010. There has been an increase in the number of poor households, an increase in wealthy households and a squeeze on the middle. The most dramatic changes have been in London with a 43% decrease in the number of households in the middle. Read More

The Cartography of Riots

The riots of August 2011 took the nation by surprise. Consternation followed as events appeared to spiral out of control, then condemnation. Later reflection, and the compilation of hundreds of statistics on the rioters who were convicted. Much was also written about those who were not caught but were interviewed, as well as on the severity of the sentences handed down to the minority of rioters who were caught, or identified and convicted. Prison sentences totalling more than 1,800 years were handed down with an average custodial sentence of nearly 17 months (more than four times the average term handed down by magistrates courts for similar offences). Read More

Housing sales in England

• Typical cost of London home set to break half million barrier this year
• Increase in whole of Yorkshire & the Humber plus NE England is £2.1bn similar to just the London boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster (£1.93 bn)
New research by Oxford academics reveals images of just how distorted both the country and the capital appears when land is shaped by the value of its residential property. Read More