[dropcap1]M[/dropcap1]aps are the heart of the project: Our main aim is to provide a comprehensive insight into many aspects of the existing and changing social landscapes of the British capital. While many of us think of maps in a rather conventional way, this website instead uses novel cartographic techniques to make the underlying quantitative data visible in a different form. In cartographic language, our maps are called cartograms. Cartograms are a map projection where areas are distorted according to the underlying statistics that they represent. Therefore the maps here may look very quirky at first, but they give you a very different impression of the social dimensions that shape London today and the enable to gave the relative size of many different statistics while still showing you how different places are connected to each other geographically.
Click a topic to find out more and to see the full list of maps within each section. If you have never seen our maps before, you may want to view the reference map first. This map shows you the colours used throughout this atlas to shade each London borough and also explains the different kinds of maps that are used in different parts of this online atlas.
  Reference map

Overview of the main topics

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  Poverty & Wealth
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