[h4]Health maps[/h4]
[dropcap1]W[/dropcap1]hat matters most to most people, more than any other topic, is health. Often those who are healthy do not realise the importance of good health until they lose it, and everyone eventually loses it. However, the extent to which different people in different parts of London have different chances of falling ill varies very widely and mirrors many of the other patterns shown in this on-line atlas. The most basic of health measure include many measure of how likely we are to die ranging from infant mortality through to the life expectancy of the elderly. There are a huge number of routinely released health statistics issued by official bodies including the National Health Service which we use in our maps.

List of maps

   Alcohol related harm 2009: Borough
   Binge drinking adults 2008: Borough
   Blind people 2011: Borough
   Deaf or Hard of Hearing 2010: Borough
   Deaths from Cancer 2008: Borough
   Deaths from heart disease and stroke 2008: Borough
   Deaths from Smoking 2008: Borough
   Deaths due to Winter 2008: Borough
   Female Life Expectancy 2009: Grid; Grid Rank; Ward
   Healthy eating adults 2008: Borough
   Hip fracture in over 65s 2009: Borough
   Infant deaths 2008: Borough
   Male Life Expectancy 2009: Grid; Grid Rank; Ward
   Obese adults 2008: Borough
   Obese children 2009: Borough
   Life Expectancy Overall 2009: Grid; Grid Rank; Ward
   Partially Sighted people 2011: Borough
   Physically active adults 2009: Borough
   Road traffic accident victims 2010: Borough
   Smoking adults 2009: Borough
   Suicide (and injury undetermined) mortality 2012: Borough
   Teenage conception 2009: Borough
   Tuberculosis 2008: Borough