[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]he features on this website include a contextual overview and in some cases an in-depth analysis of the statistics and maps presented on Londonmapper. While we keep adding new maps to this website, we also work on short texts that highlight some of the central findings and put the different topics presented in this online atlas into perspective. Our aim is to add one analysis featue a month. Further little features in a more casual style can also be found in the blog features in our news section. We will also add copies of publications that arise from this project when they are published.

List of all features currently available

  A Brief History of the Housing Market
  An Introduction into Inequalities in London
  Demographies of London: The younger ages
  The EU Referendum
  Demographic Trends in London
  Housing sales values in England
  London, the British Isles and the Super-rich
  London’s political landscapes
  Poverty and Wealth in England and London 1980-2010
  Public spending and spending cuts in arts and science
  The Cartography of Riots
  The London Bubble